For startups just getting out of the gate and small businesses with lower brand recognition than their big name competitors, educating consumers is essential. And as we’re all bombarded with an endless stream of content – not just marketing messages, but news, emails, errands, and everyday life, too – businesses’ opportunity to win the hearts of would-be customers is short. But it can be sweet.

We’re big fans of giving prospective customers a taste of what you have to offer. For free. By allowing buyers a chance to experience your product or service, you don’t have to convince them you’re great, they already know it. This is why we’re big fans of Oliver’s Labels.

Last summer, when parents dropped their kids off at Camp Airy in Thurmont, Maryland, they were greeted with a sample pack of personalized labels waiting on their kid’s bunk. The self-stick labels had the camp logo and the child’s name in Oliver’s branded packaging. Oliver’s directly reached their target customer at a highly relevant time with a valuable sample of the quality of their labels.

Anyone who has kids knows that each and every piece of clothing, sports equipment, linens, and even toiletries need to be labeled with their kid’s name. The process of packing kids is an undertaking for parents to say the least. Without fail, something is missed in the process. And then there’s the camp t-shirt handed to the child on arrival at their bunk. Oliver’s Labels came to the rescue right at a parent’s time of need.

The only thing that would have made this campaign better would be a call to action to order or a coupon code to encourage the same.

High fives, Oliver’s. Love the thinking behind the partnership, the customization, the sampling – all of it.