Photo Credit: Emma Knight/Lynn Louisa

What We Do

We do small business marketing. We identify the best-fit marketing tactics and key messages for growing  businesses and help bring campaigns to life. Here’s what’s in our wheelhouse:

Comprehensive marketing strategy and marketing audits

Grand openings and product launches


Sales strategy

Email marketing and marketing automation

Referral programs

Social media and content marketing

Paid advertising and media outreach

Trade shows and event planning

Digital and print materials

Growing a service business? Launching a new product? Opening a restaurant or store? Establishing a local franchise? Whether your company is established and in need of a boost or just getting off the ground, we can help. Our clients recognize the value of marketing and are ready to invest in growing their businesses.

Our team and extended network of qualified, vetted resources work hand-in-hand with our clients. We can handle campaigns from start to finish, manage ongoing programs, or simply serve as an advisor to get marketing programs going and stay on track.

We help good businesses become great success stories.

How We Work

We don’t have a 10-step process or go-to program. How could we? Every small business is unique. And despite what any number of blog posts and consultants selling their special sauce will tell you, there is no top 10 list of marketing tactics that are guaranteed to grow your business.

That’s why when you work with Popcorn & Ice Cream, it’s all about you. We get to know your company leadership, your business, and your customers. We identify opportunities to connect more deeply with the customers you have and determine the best ways to reach the ones you want. We help you communicate more clearly and become a business that’s easy to buy from and come back to.

We start with a plan. Our plans include recommendations based on your business, your objectives, your resources, and your budget. Then, we help you execute or turn it all over to you – whatever works for your business and your budget.

When we started with MyBuckleMate, we had no idea whether it would take root, and Popcorn & Ice Cream’s work helped define an entirely new product category as well as build and position the brand. The awards we applied for and received gave the brand enormous credibility. If I hadn’t worked with them, I would not have pursued those – and the timing was essential – coinciding with the launch. Their spot-on recommendations saved me a lot of time, deliberation and money, kept me focused and positive, and helped me think about the business in both the short- and long-term and in new ways. After I began working with Popcorn & Ice Cream, I didn’t have to scramble each day to figure out the “now what?” to grow the business. They also, very simply, got things done better and faster than I could. We’ve achieved amazing and tangible results all without a paid PR program and I’m pretty damn impressed with every aspect of the work they did, the thought they put into it and the results – AND I love working with them!

Meghan Khaitan, Owner, MyBuckleMate