Popcorn, what? July 28, 2016

Perhaps we should call this page FAQ. Singular. There’s only one…

What do popcorn and ice cream have to do with marketing and small business?


Salty and sweet and crunchy and creamy make great combinations. Like a good marketing campaign, they highlight and complement the other ingredients’ best attributes. And like a great small business, there are endless delicious flavors that offer many new possibilities.

More than that, though, Popcorn & Ice Cream just works. The name, like our team and perspective, is unique, a modern twist on something traditional, back-to-basics, and most importantly – fun.

We believe that like the fabulous desserts that inspire our name, quality should be accessible and enjoyable for all – no matter company size or budget and regardless of whether we’re talking marketing strategy or cookies and cream. Popcorn & Ice Cream is for the nearly 30 million small businesses that drive the US economy, employ half the workforce, support local communities and foster innovation.

PS – Admittedly, it’s also a nod to Hillary’s all-time favorite TV show, Beverly Hills 90210 (the original, not the CW update). Do you remember the reference? Tell us! Hint: Season 1.