When a business has a very defined type of customer base, reaching outside of that specific group and meeting their needs can be a challenge. Many companies market to a certain age or gender bracket, or to a specific interest group and know exactly how to serve that group well. When a small business can reach outside of its normal customer base, great things can happen!

Auto service businesses tend to cater to men who own cars, or handle the car logistics for their families. As a young woman I often am met with a dismissive attitude when I bring my car in for service. It’s true, I don’t know a spark plug from a seatbelt, but that doesn’t make me any less valuable as a paying customer. Most auto repair shops don’t seem to think that, but every once in a while I find one that does.

Enter River Road Auto Service.  I certainly do not fit the description of their typical customer, and I was hardly coming to the shop for a costly repair. Even so, I was treated with respect and warmth that I have yet to find from any other auto mechanic shop. While most dismiss me as being- for lack of a better term- “dumb” when it comes to my car, the man at River Road Auto Service helped me find the answer without pushing me out of the way. They were professional, courteous, and kind.

As a result, I plan to have my car serviced at River Road Auto Service from now on. I also recommended them to all of my local friends (especially female), a few of whom have already taken advantage of my advice and had very similar positive experiences. When I wrote to the manager to thank them, I received a very kind reply.

I was impressed with the extra effort that River Road Auto Service put into making me feel like I made the right choice and making me feel like a valued and important customer, even if I still don’t know how to open the hood of my car.