Wow. Blown away. Last night, Customer, LLC officially launched at a festive gathering at Hera Hub DC. Small business owners, family and friends came together to enjoy local treats from Glen’s Garden Market and Noshy Cookies, as well as to enjoy cocktails featuring KRā and leave with favors by The Itty Bitty Cake Company. We celebrated five years of Popcorn & Ice Cream and the power of small businesses everywhere.

The support and love in the room was palpable. You can get a touch for the fun in the pictures here. I’m humbled, grateful and honored to lead this amazing team. And I’m more inspired than ever to continue our work with the incredibly dynamic and inspiring small business community.

As I was a touch overwhelmed last night and for the friends of Popcorn & Ice Cream unable to join us in person, here are the remarks I only somewhat made at the event:

Those of you who know me personally know that while I love to speak on and teach about marketing, I don’t love being the center of attention, so I’ll keep this short!

Thank you all so much for coming tonight to celebrate with us. And it is “us” – getting this book published was a true team effort. I can’t thank Amy, Emma, Alston and Monika enough for being a part of the team that made it happen. Thank you to Sandra for catching every last little typo and comma issue. Thank you to Julia for hosting us tonight. And of course a HUGE thank you to Scott and our boys (who we didn’t exactly invite tonight) for supporting me on this journey and loving me even when I was exhausted and gave too much at work to have enough left in the tank for home.

I started Popcorn & Ice Cream 5 years ago with a mission to make marketing strategy and resources available to small businesses at a price they could afford and a scope appropriate for their needs. More than four dozen clients later, Customer, LLC is the latest in that effort.

I’m proud to have stayed true to focusing on small business. I hear from consultants all the time that they wanted to focus on small business, but it was just too hard – businesses’ needs were too great and the budgets too small. But we love our small businesses. We believe in their power to serve communities, innovate and create jobs. We like to say that we’re inspired by dreamers and motivated by doers.

I wrote Customer, LLC because while there are many incredible marketing books out there, I often heard from small business owners that they couldn’t relate to the big business examples that most of them draw on. This book is all about small business – small business ideas, small business examples, all of it.

So thank you for being here to celebrate its launch with us tonight. And thank you for your support of small, local businesses.

Drink up! Enjoy!

I did say last night how appreciative I am of everyone that has supported me, the Popcorn & Ice Cream team and our incredible small business clients over the years. I truly mean it. I could go on and on, but I’ll end with just one word – gratitude.