Photo Credit: Emma Knight/Lynn Louisa

Popcorn & Ice Cream is a small business serving the needs of small businesses. We are passionate about being smart for our clients and love that great ideas come from all members of our team. Everyone on our team participates in high-level strategic planning, works on executing client programs and supports administrative tasks. There is no work above your pay grade or beneath you. Being on our team offers deep exposure to all aspects of marketing campaigns – an opportunity unique to working in a small firm on multiple client projects.

We recognize great minds aren’t all local to the Washington, DC area (though we are partial to those around the Beltway). Our extended team resides worldwide and collaborates across the miles via phone, email and Skype.

We’re always on the lookout for great new talent. If you have a passion for small business, a commitment to great service, and are proud of your excellent grammar, please get in touch.

While we had a year of experience, we were really looking to focus our marketing efforts and refine our business strategy. Popcorn & Ice Cream helped us channel our ideas, define our brand, and put in motion a plan for long-term success.

Amy Whiteman, Owner, The Itty-Bitty Cake Company