Photo Credit: Emma Knight/Core 72

Popcorn & Ice Cream is a small business that’s all about small businesses. We love seeing entrepreneurs turn a flicker of an idea into a profitable business. And we love watching passionate teams drive great demand for their products and services. We’re inspired by dreamers and motivated by doers. Popcorn & Ice Cream provides small businesses and startups with marketing strategies on a scale appropriate to their businesses and at a price they can afford.

A Washington, DC-based marketing consulting firm, Popcorn & Ice Cream is focused exclusively on supporting small businesses, start-ups, and nonprofits. We understand the unique needs of organizations working to grow on limited budgets and focus on identifying the best-fit marketing tactics considering business and strategic objectives. Our clients include product and service companies serving B2B and consumer markets, as well as bricks and mortar retail establishments, community-based organizations, and nonprofits. We work as a collaborative agency, bringing together the most appropriate and qualified marketing resources for every project on which we work.

Popcorn & Ice Cream always has their clients’ best interest at heart and provides clients with the right amount of guidance throughout the marketing process. I love how collaborative they are – always open to our ideas and thoughts. Together we work to bring the plans to life to build our brand and business.

Annie Hesser, Chief Marketing Officer, KRã Drinks for Athletes