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December 2020

Popcorn & Ice Cream is no longer taking on any new projects or clients.

I started Popcorn & Ice Cream in 2011 with a goal to provide small businesses and startups with marketing strategy at a price they could afford and a scale appropriate to their size. Over the years, I worked with 72 inspiring clients, am proud to have built a team that included 7 incredible women, and even published a book on small business marketing. By the end of 2019, it was evident that one of our earliest clients and greatest success stories had reached a point that it needed us full-time. In January 2020, two months before the world as we knew it would forever be changed, team PIC went in-house at Alboum Translation Services.

In January, I wrote this on LinkedIn:

There are many days when the news is tough to swallow and my limited ability to impact the world in the way I want feels so small. Alboum provides translation services for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations — empowering these groups to communicate with those they serve and reach people around the world, regardless of the language they speak. We support public school systems, reproductive health organizations, and advocacy groups to name a few. The Alboum client roster is one that I’m beyond proud of and feel inspired by every day. By working to grow a company that supports organizations and causes whose missions I believe in, I have a unique opportunity to support my convictions through their work.

As we close out this life-changing year, the words feel truer than ever. This year, the Alboum team walked hand-in-hand with public health organizations, municipalities, and school districts as they navigated the pandemic on behalf of those they serve. I am honored to have played a small role in their ability to make an impact.

Thank you for joining us on the Popcorn & Ice Cream journey. Wishing everyone a health, happiness, and peace in 2021.