Popcorn & Ice Cream


What’s Popping? 4th of July

Usually this holiday week is marked equally by crickets in the office and fireworks in the sky.  It is quiet as it comes with so many taking well-deserved time off for R&R and catching up with family.  Usually.  But not for Popcorn & Ice Cream clients this year! There’s so much awesome happening this week MORE

Pic of Sammy

12 seven and eight year-olds. 15 hours of baseball. Many lessons for small business owners.

This past weekend, my seven year-old played in his first baseball tournament. We knew (hoped) we’d be on the field for hours. What I didn’t realize were the amazing reminders to be offered by a group of passionate first and second graders. These kids unknowingly demonstrated incredible teachings for any small business owner. And the MORE