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Bus Stops, Lunch Boxes and Customer Engagement

I can’t help but be inspired by my Facebook feed, bursting at the seams with smiling kids heading off to school. These are the faces of my boys as they waited for the bus yesterday morning. One super excited (and a little nervous) kindergartener and one experienced, I-already-know-the-drill third grader. (Not pictured: Equally handsome one year-old likely devastated by MORE

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Dear Zirtual, It’s Not About You

This morning, Zirtual “paused” operations. You can read the letter here. The “pause” is clearly a shut down. Even if it wasn’t intended to be, the complete PR failure of the day has rendered it such. The small business lessons here are many and (not to stomp on Zirtual’s grave) we’ll highlight several on Kernels. First up — when small businesses forget MORE